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About Us


Peter Removal Service Corp is a provider of high-quality, affordable demolition and junk removal services. We have quality work and affordable price guarantee. We stand out to be the most cost effective removal company among our local competitors. We can help you clean your garage, Junks, Furniture etc. We can also help you demolish that old kitchen or bathroom in preparation for that big remodeling job. We can come and take out that old kid’s playground, or remove Appliances. We will even take your old mattresses, televisions, e-waste, and other items that require special handling and dispose of them for you in an environmentally friendly manner. We are always on time. We guarantee our work. And we will even sweep the floor for you when we are done. Let us show you how you can help us keep New York clean and junk-free!

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Peter Removal is Expert to logistically effectuate a professional and competent junk removal operation. In short, we strive to provide every customer with the Special attention and proffesionalism. The aim behind the Peter Junk Removal is to provide residential and commercial customers alike, superlative service at an affordable price. It’s not by coincidence that our dump trucks are 30% larger than other haulers. In fact, we strategically and purposefully operate significantly larger dump trucks than industry standards, objectively providing a superior value to our customers at every price point.